DHM Detox

Why we made it

"Balance is important. Plain and simple. We've created DHM Destroy Hungover Mornings so you don't have to think twice about sacrificing fun for productivity, or, vice-versa. 

What does that mean? With DHM, you can still go out with co-workers, meet a friend for drinks or socialize in the evening and tackle your important next day tasks. Whether you need to crush an early morning workout, or if you have to be in the office early - Destroy Hungover Mornings does exactly that and allows you to wake up without feeling nausea, brain fog, headaches or anxious. Best of all, our key active ingredients are proven and backed by Science. If you'd like to learn about the Science of what makes our product effective, we've got you covered.

Our team is made up of scientists, athletes and productivity seekers. We're excited to share DHM Destroy Hungover Mornings with you and hope you enjoy it."

-Nishal Kumar, Creator & CEO